Do you find Social Media overwhelming?
Would you like to use it more powerfully for your business?

My name is Lynda Cookson. I'm a professional artist experienced
in the creation of a strong social media platform for establishing business identity.
I have spent many hours, days, weeks and months over the last two decades
getting to this point, and have assisted other creatives along the way.
I'm not one for unnecessary words so you'll find the ePlan goes
straight to the point.

There are two parts to the services I can offer you:

1.  ePlan "Developing Your Social Media Identity"

If you would like help in establishing a strong social media platform for your art or your business,
along with a routine procedure of how to maintain that platform
please CLICK BELOW to receive my ePlan "Developing Your Social Media Identity"

The ePlan outlines instructions on which sites to register with and how they work with each other
to provide a marketing platform. There is a suggested Routine Plan, at the end, to help you keep
focused and to help you keep up with your business development.
Price : €4.00 payable by PayPal 

You can receive it immediately, by clicking here:


2.  Assistance in creating and working with the sites for your Media Platform

If you find you need further assistance with registering on any of the sites included in the ePlan;
or you need further assistance in understanding how the sites work
I can provide these services for you
at the rate of €20 per hour with a minimum quote rate of €10.

Once you have outlined what assistance you need, I will provide you with a quote for my time
and we can proceed from there with a 50% deposit and 50% final payment
on termination of the project.

My services include training you how to keep a "clean" mailbox (specifically using gmail)
and personal computer filing systems for both emails and images
which you need to edit and file for efficient use within your plan.

Please note that there is a minimum quote set at €10.

Ask for your Quote by emailing me here :
(You may need to Copy and Paste my email address)


People I have worked with

February 2018 : I am in the process of assisting a South African Digital Nomad
to begin his online career.
"I am incredibly impressed and forever thankful for the assistance and time taken.
Lynda Cookson has provided an inspirational partnership with me in helping to startup
and grow my brand online and continues to support and offer advice.
I look forward to continuing working with her." Gary S.

March 2018 : Working with a retired couple in South Africa to create an online business.

2018 : Working with a family member to grow her online art business.

2016 :
"I am over the moon with what Lynda has done for my business online
and will continue to work with her as producing cakes is really what I do.
All I need is Lynda to keep my brand out there!" Meghan Brown, UK
I created a logo, website and social media platform for Totally Scrumptious Cakes, UK

2015 : Assisted Patricia Brown to establish an eBay store with relevant social media marketing.

2013 : Assisted singer Ferne Krystal by creating a logo for her
and advising on business start-up.


Judy Mackey
"I think it's such a great idea and lots of advice!! Loved it!"


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